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Tamanu Oil works wonders for horses, dogs and even cats although care needs to be taken that they do not ingest it. dDogs and cats naturally preen themselves anyway as a way for them to clean their coats. The problem here has to do with the fact that Tamanu Oil is not an edible product and so they can get sick from licking Tamanu Oil or Tamanu butter off an injured paw for example. Our advice is to only use a small amount of the product and only where the affected area is quite small as well. Be especially careful with cats they are complusive preeners that spend hours licking their fur.

Tamanu Oil For Dogs

Hey There,

My name is Charlie and I live in Vanuatu.

Like all dogs I get into mischief sometimes and end up with scraps and minor cuts and wounds.

When this occurs, my owner (who is also the CEO of Volcanic Earth) usually applies either straight Tamanu Oil directly onto the wound - not in big quantities mind as it can make me sick otherwise.

Personally I don't like the smell or the taste so I tend to hold off licking my wounds. Mind you, I'm a very smart pet but some of my other dog friend's - well let's just say they aren't that bright. So if you are the owner of a dog use Tamanu Oil sparingly so your pet doesn't get sick.

We were recently asked if is it allowed to put pure Tamanu Oil inside the ear of a dog. Yes, you can apply a small quantity of pure Tamanu Oil to the inside of a dog’s ear. Just don't overdo it with pets, especially dogs and cats, as you don't want your pet getting sick. It is obviously not as applicable when it comes to horses.

Humans and animals are not all that different. However, dogs and horses do tend to be somewhat more prone to injury! Dogs get into scrapes with other dogs. Horses seem to cut themselves on barb wire or other objects. Cats can develop a range of skin irritations for any number of reasons, including injury. Animals can also suffer from conditions akin to Rheumatism, post surgical wounds, scarring or a pulled muscle, a sprain or general inflammation. Fleas and bites commonly lead to itching and sores.

Below are "before and after" photos of one of our Tamanu Oil products we specifically designed for horses. The product was our Tamanu Butter (with some modifications to help ward off flies and insects at the same time) in a larger volume container. However, it is important to be aware that the product should not be applied to sensitive areas such as the nose.

Tamanu Oil For Pets

Subject: The Miracle of Volcanic Earth Tamanu Butter!

High "Hello girls! Wow! What a difference 14 days makes!

Have a look at the before and after shots of Satin Doll’s treatment using Volcanic Earth Tamanu Butter! Admittedly she has been wearing a rug and hood to protect her from the burning sun on that bald skin but this product is a miracle treatment – the photos speak for themselves.

Please use them for any marketing promotion you may need. I am sending this pdf to the riding schools here to show them what results they can achieve.

Still a little way to go before the hair completes its growth enough for me to put a bridle back on but WOW!! Thanks Linda for a great product!"

Kind Regards

Clare Moloney
First National Real Estate
Port Vila

Tamanu Oil For Horses

For more "before and after" photos of Satin Doll click here. So while care needs to be taken, the cicatrising (skin healing) properties of Tamanu Oil, coupled with its natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory/analgesic qualities should not be overlooked when it comes to caring for your pet.

Tamanu Oil For Dogs And Cats


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