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Tamanu Oil is produced from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree. Its scientific name is Calophyllum inophyllum – an evergreen tree and a member of the Mangosteen Family. This tree is actually indigenous to the tropical areas of South East Asia but it especially flourishes in tropical countries such as the exotic Melanesian islands of Vanuatu and in Polynesian islands such as Tahiti. It can also be found in parts of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and even Southern India.

The Tamanu Tree has been known by many names. For example, in Vanuatu, the tree is also known as “Nambagura”. In Fiji, it is called “Dilo” or “Dolno”, “Ati” in Tahiti, “Fetau” in Samoa, “Funa” in the Maldives and “Kamani” in Hawaii.

Tamanu Tree

While the Tamanu Tree can grow inland, it prefers salty, sandy soil, with the result that it tends to grow profusely near the sea. The native Melanesian people of Vanuatu claim that the best quality virgin Tamanu Oil comes from the trees that grow near coastal areas, rather than from those that grow inland.

While the tree is slow-growing, it can grow up to 30 meters in height. The trunk is usually covered in dark, cracked bark while the leaves are elongated and glossy. Small, sweet-smelling white flowers (with a yellow center) are produced twice yearly.

These flowers then give way to clusters of fruit. These start out green but turn a yellowy color as they mature. Inside this thin, fleshy fruit (which is inedible) is the Tamanu Nut (sometimes called “Punnai”).

The fruit is allowed to fall naturally from the tree. The pale-colored nut kernels are then laid out on racks to dry for 2 months. During this process, these kernels turn a brownish-red color and release a strong, rich oil.

The Tamanu Oil is then extracted by cold-pressing and filtration. It takes a great many nuts to produce even a small quantity of oil – in fact, four trees will generally yield approximately 20 Liters of “pure” Tamanu Oil, depending on the size and yield of the trees!

This low-yield ratio is the primary reason for the relatively high cost of Tamanu Oil. However, don't be fooled by companies pretending to sell pure Tamanu Oil. Many of these companies may well use pure Tamanu Oil but then dilute it with other ingredients such as Olive Oil!

Benefits of Tamanu Oil

The Benefits Of Our Vanuatu Virgin Tamanu Oil

Firstly, when you buy pure Tamanu Oil from Volcanic Earth you can be sure that it is 100% pure Tamanu Oil.

Secondly, the production of Vanuatu Tamanu Oil in Vanuatu helps improve the livelihoods and standard of living of poor villages in the outer island of Vanuatu. The harvesting and collection of Tamanu Nuts involves thousands of indigenous Ni Vanuatu from many different villages and much needed income. There is little paid work on the outer islands and these local people would otherwise be very strapped for cash to pay for school fees, medical care and other basic necessities.

Click here to download a Vanuatu Poverty Analysis conducted by the Asian Development Bank

Bulk Tamanu Oil Benefits Villagers

As you can see from the picture above, life in these villages is hard. Villagers (usually women and children) often have to walk long distances, on a daily basis, to collect water. Living largely off the land (tending their gardens), these people live in a "custom economy" where they exchange goods in the absence of money. They manage but as you can imagine, they can't pay medical bills or schools fees with Taro or a woven mat. We all want our children to have an easier and better life. One of the keys to achieving this is to keep them healthy and edcuated - this takes money.

Click here to download your free copy of "Tamanu Oil - The Manufacturing Process"

You can help, not by giving donations, but by spreading the word about our amazing Tamanu Oil to family and friends, who may be searching for a solution to some troublesome skin condition that modern medicine hasn't come up with yet.

Tamanu Oil is the ultimate in skin cell rejuvenation. Learn what
specific skin conditions
can be treated using only pure Tamanu Oil

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Tamanu Butter

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Tamanu Butter 2.7 ounces (80ml)

Vanuatu Tamanu Oil
in a moisturizing, skin rejuvenating cream. All the benefits of pure Tamanu Oil , plus the added healing and moisturizing qualities of Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil and Papaya. Easier to apply than an oil and great for large areas.

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