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Aromatherapy massage oils, massage products, massage cream for stretch marks and massage supplies made from Virgin Coconut Oil - a natural massage oil high in antioxidants for use as a whole body massage oil or enjoy our massage creams as full body massage products or just as a facial massage cream.


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"I started using Volcanic Earth’s Tamanu Butter on some stretch marks I developed as a result of growth spurts as a teenager. It really worked. I found that for my skin this product works so well as my skin is normally very dry and the Tamanu Butter has the added moisturizing benefits of cocoa butter and beautiful virgin coconut oil that Volcanic Earth makes in its own coconut factory.

Actually I used also tried straight Tamanu Oil which also works great but it does have a strong smell whereas the Tamanu Butter doesn’t. I was blown away when all my stretch marks faded away over time and I am so happy that there are no more blemishes on my body.Volcanic Earth manufacture a whole range of Tamanu Oil-based products and lots of other natural skin care products including body scrubs with volcanic ash or pumice. Thank you very much Volcanic Earth for making some of the best natural skin care products on the planet!"

Meriam Yankee, Ni Vanuatu Citizen, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Remove Stretch Marks

Massage is one of the earliest, medical care treatments ever used across the ages dating back to thousands of years BC. Massaging the body, including the hands, feet, face and scalp, does wonders for your circulation and eases tension caused by stress. In addition to this, massage oils and massage creams can greatly benefit your skin provided these massage products are all natural and preferably made from only the best quality, Virgin Coconut Oil. Why? - Because of the very high levels of antioxidants found in premium grade Virgin Coconut Oil.

Below you will find a selection of Volcanic Earth massage creams made from our Premium Virgin Coconut Oil and devoid of any chemicals. We also offer pure Virgin Coconut Oil in 3 different scents (Frangipani, Lavender and Sandalwood) for use as massage oils. These products are the same products that we use for massage treatments in our Healing Centre day spa in Port Vila, Vanuatu.




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AromatherapFacial Massage Cream
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Body Gloss
(Coconut Lime & Vanilla)
2.7 ounces or 80gm

Overexposure to UV rays causes
your skin to age faster. Our Body
Gloss will help you avoid premature
wrinkles and enhance your skin's
natural glow by replenishing natural

Another anti-aging massage cream
for lovers of the intoxicating aroma
of lime, coconut and Vanilla .

Give your legs and the rest of your body that shiny, healthy glow!

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $15.99

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Tamanu Butter Benefits

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Tamanu Butter
(Skin Rejuvenation Cream)

2.7 ounces or 80ml


Tamanu Butter is not your typical
massage cream but a special type
of skin repair cream.

It has been included here as it can
be used as a cream to massage for
stretch marks and/ or if you suffer
from joint pain, sciatica, rheumatism
or ligament sprain.

It is also a skin rejuvenation cream.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $19.90

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Massage Oil

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Vanuatu's Premium Coconut Oil
(Scented With Frangipani)
4.565 ounces or 135ml

Virgin Coconut Oil helps ward off the
signs of premature ageing.

It is also a powerful skin and hair
conditioning agent. Works wonders
on dry flaky skin.

This Frangipani-scented Oil is a very
popular massage oil for women.

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Price - $14.20

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Vanuatu's Premium Coconut Oil
(Scented With Sandalwood)
4.565 ounces or 135ml

Made with Virgin Coconut Oil and
scented with the alluring aroma of Sandalwood, this natural massage
oil is an aromatherapy treat for

Give that special person in your life
the gift of massage with this beautiful
massage oil.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $14.20

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Massage Oils

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Vanuatu's Premium Coconut Oil
(Scented With Lavender)
4.565 ounces or 135ml

Virgin Coconut Oil is excellent for
rejuvenating the skin and hair.

Anotherall natural massage oil
scented with Lavender for the
romantic at heart.


Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $14.20

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