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Join the hundreds of other people just like you who are now able to market and promote themselves as beauty consultants AND with their own unique range of organic skin care products!



Join our team of Volcanic Earth Dropship Resellers and start your own profitable Beauty Business. Enjoy a fun and rewarding career helping others look and feel younger naturally AND through offering relief to people suffering from troublesome skin conditions. Marketing and promoting our unique range of products is easy, exciting and a chance for you to realize your dream of financial independence.


Here are the reasons why this opportunity is just what you need: -

You donít need to expend money carrying an inventory of stock.

Youíll never have any unsold inventory to worry about.

You donít even have to ship the products yourself.
You can quickly add new products or delete non-performing ones.
Our products are all natural and are high quality items.
Our products are items that people need and use every day.
VE products lend themselves to repeat orders.
The products are reasonably priced and are items that you need yourself.
There are no minimum order requirements.
You will enjoy high retail profit margins (generally 100% or higher).
When you make a sale, we dropship the product direct to your customer.
You can easily run this type of business from home.
Lends itself to online sales through your own website or e-store.
You get to help financially disadvantaged women in a developing country.

Ö. Best of all, you will be working working with dedicated professionals to assist you to realize your dream of achieving financial freedom and personal satisfaction, through developing your own successful beauty business!

What if I Don't Have My Own Website?


It is fine to sell on eBay or Amazon if you don’t yet have a website and aren’t sure how to go about setting one up.

Signing Up For Your Volcanic Earth
Wholesale Dropship Account

You can sign up for a VE Wholesale Dropship Account, irrespective of whether you have a website yet or not. While there is no set-up fee, we do charge a one-time Drop Ship Account Maintenance Fee of just $25.00 (No Monthly Fee) and is a very simple, secure process, via an SSL secure online environment.

Becoming a VE Beauty Consultant is a personally rewarding and fun way to establish and run your own beauty business, enabling you the flexibility to create YOUR business around YOUR lifestyle. Earn the income you desire and be your own boss - free to choose the hours and days you work! If meeting new people, creating friendships, helping other women, working as part of a team and having fun doing it is your cup of tea, then come and join us!

Virtually ANYONE can become a successful VE Beauty Consultant. This is your
opportunity to establish your own, very profitable Beauty Business.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email us mail us direct at enquiries[at]volcanicearth.com.
(Please provide your name, contact details, company (if applicable) and your Position)



Beauty From Deep Within The Earth








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