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The main issue with coconut Oil for the skin is to make sure that you use the right type of coconut oil as most of the coconut oil on the marketplace is low quality copra oil with little health benefits for the skin or the human body in general. The oil is not organic, virgin nor natural. It doesn't even have the aroma of coconut oil. So, be wary when it comes to sourcing coconut oil for your skin or as a hair conditioning agent.

The best coconut Oil for the skin is proper Virgin Coconut Oil cold pressed within a few hours of cracking the coconuts.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil achieves this through the DME Method of coconut oil production. DME stands for Direct Micro Expelling and our oil is handmade, natural, raw and produced within 1 to 3 hours of opening the nut. Consequently, it retains the distinct fragrance and taste of coconuts, whereas the copra-based refined coconut oils have no taste or fragrance at all due to the refining process. In fact, coconut oil made this way will often have the "fragrance" added artificially! Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not only naturally organic, it is also unhydrogenated, high in antioxidants (which fight free radicals that cause us to age faster) and free from impurities.

Cracking the coconuts Electric graters to shred the coconut flesh The flesh is then weighed
No Waste - As you can see, even the husks and coconut shells are used to fuel the oven
Volcanic Hot Rocks
Drying the coconut flesh
Expelling the oil

Why is organic coconut oil generally the best type of oil for you to use on your skin?

The answer is free radicals.

Most commercial creams and lotions are predominantly water. Their moisture is quickly absorbed into dry, wrinkled skin. As the water enters the skin, it expands the tissues, like filling a balloon with water, so that wrinkles fade away and the skin feels smoother. But this is only temporary. As soon as the water evaporates or is carried away by the blood stream, the dry, wrinkled skin returns.

Want to know how to look younger? As we age, connective tissue fibres are continually subjected to free-radical attack, which breaks them down. As a result, connective tissues become hardened and lose both elasticity and strength. The skin loses its ability to hold itself together and begins to sag and become wrinkled. Once young, soft and smooth the skin turns dry and leathery. Once a free-radical reaction is started it can cause a chain reaction that produces more free radicals, which ultimately damages thousands of molecules. The only way our body has to fight them is with antioxidants. When a free radical comes into contact with an antioxidant, the chain reaction is stopped. For this reason, it is good to have plenty of antioxidants in our cells and tissues to protect us.

Virgin Coconut Oil is especially useful in fighting free radicals, as it is unrefined and hasn't been stripped of any of its natural components through the refining process. Conventional body care products that are made with refined vegetable oils which have all the antioxidants stripped from them are highly prone to free-radical generation both in and outside the body. This is also the reason why you should be careful about the type of oils you use on your skin, and in your lotions, creams and lip balms. If you use a lotion, or cream with a refined oil in it you are in fact causing your skin to age faster. The lotion, though it may bring temporary improvement will actually accelerate the aging of the skin and even promote skin cancer through the free radicals that are readily formed from the refined vegetable oil.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is not only cosmetic grade but it is also manufactured to food-grade standards and it is not uncommon for customers to purchase more than one bottle - one for their coconut oil skin care requirements and the other for human consumtion for things like weight loss, Alheimers and so on.

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